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We’re dedicated to ensuring that you enjoy the warm and pleasant Florida weather without having to pay large electric bills for your home. We specialize in energy audits, consultation and high-quality spray foam insulation installations. We take pride in understanding our customers’ needs and delivering efficient insulation systems.

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Spray Foam Insulation Kissimmee

Why Spray Foam Insulation

The average monthly cost of cooling or heating a home in Florida is $126.44 based on EIA figures. This is over 10 % of national’s average value of $111.67. By installing a layer of spray foam insulation in your home, you’ll regulate air flow within the house. This, consequently, lowers the energy used in heating or cooling your home. But how do you go about sourcing for the right spray foam insulation system? Our experts got your back.

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How Spray Foam Insulation Works

Spray foam is manufactured by combining isocyanate and polyurethane. The compound substance obtained from these two foundation components expand and form a hard protect layer on a desired surface.  This layer seals cracks and crevices that leak in cold air. This keeps the interiors warm regardless of how cold the weather outside is.

While it may sound simple, the actual spray foam installation requires an experienced hand. At Spray Pro Insulation, we have the expertise and the necessary tools to ensure the installation process is done within time and to the highest standards.

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How Spray Foam Insulation Can Save One Money

While preliminary costs of installing spray foam insulation in your home may seem relatively high, the long-term benefits outweigh those costs. In a sneak peak, here are ways this model of insulation will save your wallet.

  1. Minimal maintenance costs

Spray foam keeps off moisture and this prohibits growth of mold. This way, your walls, ceiling, and attic retain their shine for long durations. This minimizes costs that would otherwise be incurred in removing mold or repainting your house.

  1. Lower energy bills

While the primary aim of installing spray foam in your home is creating comfy interiors, it also leads to lower energy consumption by HVAC systems. Multiple researches show that an effective insulation system, such as spray foam, lowers energy consumption by up to 40 percent.

  1. Supports the structures it’s applied on

Unlike a majority of other materials used for insulation, spray foam expands on application and firms up once dry. This airtight grip makes the structures supporting spray foam insulation stronger and durable. This is especially helpful on structures such as the ceiling which often loosen up when its supporting beams are affected by moisture or overloaded.

  1. Higher home resale value

Think of things you’d want your desired home to have. Of the many things you’d wish for is energy saving capabilities. A home that has spray foam installed is considered structurally stronger, cozier and even healthier as mold and cold air are kept out. These factors boost the resale value of such a home in the eyes of potential buyers.

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Insulation Contractors Kissimmee

An insulation contractor is a trusted professional who installs, repairs, and maintains thermal insulation systems in a home or in an industry. In the US, a professional contractor must be certified by ICAA. Insulation contractors are categorized based on their scale of operation and the niche they serve.

What Does an Insulation Contractor Do?

An insulation contractor ensures that the insulation in your home is safe and performing optimally. The main roles of an insurance contractor revolve around:

  • Evaluating the kind of insulation currently installed in your home
  • Evaluating and determine the best insulation model for your home
  • Removing the old, inefficient installation system and replacing it with a new model
  • Disposing off the old insulation materials
  • After installation follow up to ensure it’s working to expectations

Other Insulation Materials Used for Kissimmee Homes and Buildings

While spray foam insulation remains popular with homeowners around Kissimmee neighborhood, it isn’t the only model of insulation on offer. Below are variations of other insulation models you will find in use.

Fiberglass Insulation


A lightweight insulation material made from fine, inorganic fibers. The fibers are bonded at high temperature such that tiny air pockets are created. This gives fiberglass excellent acoustic and thermal insulation.

The downside to using fiberglass is presence of formaldehyde which has been associated with causing cancerous growth. Additionally, the R-value of fiberglass weakens over time making less effective.

Soundproof Insulation

An insulating material can serve two purposes: it can aid in regulating air flow around your home as well as act as sound proofing material. By trapping air, soundproof insulation minimizes sound transfer between rooms.  Batt insulation, ROXUL and spray foam are some of the best materials for soundproof insulation.



Cellulose insulation is often touted as a truly green energy insulation material as it designed from wood fiber and recycled paper. It can either be blown to the desired spot or sprayed. Inorganic salts are added to the foundation material to boost it resistance against fire, vermin, and mould.


This is a model of insulation in which a loose material, such as spray foam, is blown into surface as opposed to fitting rolls or batts. It’s best suited for retrofit applications as it has a relatively higher R-value and easily covers hard-to-access crevices.

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How much do contractors charge to install insulation?

As with other fields, the amount levied by an insulation contractor is dependent on the magnitude of the project, equipment required, and the location. Around Kissimmee neighborhood, spray foam installation costs range between $1.40 and $2.65 per square foot. Other variations like blown-in fiberglass insulation may cost less as they easier to install.

What kind of tools do insulation contractors use?

Different types of insulation materials will require different tools for installation. For spray foam installation, a reactor, pump drive system, spray gun, and protective wear are a necessity. For fiberglass insulation, max tapes, PVC fittings, and insulation mastics are important accessories a contractor should have. A professional will always have the right equipment that enables them to complete the task with set time and to expected standards.

Choose the Right Spray Foam Insulation Contractor

There are already tens of insulation contractors in Kissimmee, Florida. Each of these contractors target specific areas and charge varying installation fees. How do you choose a contractor whose service catalogue suits your needs?

Ensure they are ICAA certified

ICAA certification acts as mark of professionalism. Such contractors often invest in the right tools and qualified individuals. At Spray Pro Insulation, we have invested in experienced professionals to serve you.

Offer free assessments

An assessment of the site is an important undertaking prior to starting the installation process. Reputable insulation contractors often extend free site assessment to their clients. This shows their focus is completing the task at hand rather than earning some quick backs.

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Have the right equipment

You’ll agree that an insulation company can’t do a good job unless they have the right tools. You can always carry out some background check on the company you intend to collaborate with. You can visit their establishments and ask from past clients.

Client’s rating

For a homeowner, reviews by other homeowners are vital indicator of a contractor’s suitability for the task. If a contractor does their job as expected, clients will always have positive reviews. The only trick is to ensure you check on contractor’s credibility from the right websites.

Attic Insulation Kissimmee

The attic space is liable over 80% of heat loss in a house. This makes it imperative for homeowners to master some basics of attic insulation.

Insulating an attic is a process where a contractor adds a thermal insulation material in the attic space. This helps regulate heat flow around a home thus lowering energy used by HVAC systems.

Attic Insulation Can Save You Money

Attic insulation is a cost-effective upgrade that can save you up to 50% of your energy bills. The insulating material forms a blanket that seals out forming an envelope that keeps the interiors cool in warm weather and warm in winters.

Besides energy savings, attic insulation also improves the quality of indoors air. By sealing out air, an insulation layer also keeps elements that may be harmful to occupants of the house.

Some insulation models, such as spray foam insulation, double up as sound proofing component. This basically saves you a few bucks while making the house relatively quiet.

There are various types of insulating materials that can be used to insulate your home. Spray foam insulation is a popular alternative for Kissimmee homeowners for its longevity, easy of application and its high R-value. Other models of attic insulation are cellulose, batt, and fiberglass insulation.

Attic insulation professionals assess your attic, recommend the best insulation, install the insulation, and dispose any leftover materials from the site.

DIY Spray Foam Insulation

With internet offering an abundant of advice on DIY projects, homeowners have become are always eager to experiment around. If the project is successful, a homeowner stands to save some bucks in addition to mental satisfaction.

However, some projections aren’t as easy to implement as they may seem on paper. One such is spray foam attic insulation. A slight mistake can lead to below average results. It’s not uncommon for our professionals to be called in by homeowners who have messed up their attic insulation and this often leads to additional re-installation costs.

But where do the problems emanate? Here are four pain points of trying out DIY experiments on attic insulation.

Mapping out the installation area

The first step to installing insulation materials in the attic is assessing the site. The assessment becomes the basis of the installation process right from purchasing materials, sourcing specialized tools, and disposing the remnants of the process. This can best be handled by a professional.

Safety concerns

The base compounds used in the making spray foam contain elements that may harm occupants of your home. An expert understands the safety guides they should follow during the installation processes and advices homeowners accordingly.

Saves time

It’s no brainer that a professional understands which items are required at which stage of spray foam installation in the attic. They also have the tools that will make the installation process fast and incident free. The result is saving time so that you can re-occupy your beloved home after the improvement.

Voiding warranty

Well, the roofing structure on your home determines how stable your attic is. Manufacturers of materials often give warranties to protect you from extra cost in case of malfunctions. The downside is that the warranty prohibits you from trying out DIY projects close to the roof as this makes the warranty void.

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